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Rally Speaker

<p>Second speaker connects to Logitech Rally for clear, rich sound</p><ul><li>Front-of-room audio for natural conversations</li><li>Anti-vibration enclosure prevents camera shake</li><li>Comfortable volume levels throughout larger rooms</li></ul>

Rally Camera

<p>Premium PTZ camera with Ultra-HD imaging system and automatic camera control</p><ul><li>RightSense<sup>™</sup> technology automates a better user experience</li><li>Advanced optics frame every participant with amazing clarity</li><li>Sleek industrial design for any professional meeting space</li></ul>

Expansion Mic for MeetUp

<p>Logitech Expansion Mic for MeetUp provides greater flexibility in huddle room configurations. Meetup’s built-in beamforming mics are optimized for up to 4 meters(13.1 feet). To extend that range up to 5 meters (16.4 feet), add an Expansion Mic. So whether people are seated at a table, sitting against the wall, or standing, Expansion Mic for MeetUp means everyone will be heard.</p>

Rally Mic Pod

<p>Boasting a sleek, low-profile design and premium materials, Rally Mic Pods render remarkably clear, natural, conversational sound. Individual mic pods contain multiple beamforming elements that focus on active speakers while automatically eliminating acoustic distractions. Up to seven mic pods work together to form a beamforming mic matrix with consistent audio coverage for every seating position throughout larger meeting spaces.</p>

Rally Mounting-Kit

<p>Custom mounts for a sleek installation and secure cabling of the Logitech 'Rally' system.</p>